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To fill out a permit please use the following link
Oxcart Permit Systems


Residential and Field Driveway Entrance  $50.00
Upgrade Residential Driveway Approach  $40.00
Shared Residential Driveway Approach 1-4 access points $40.00
Commercial Driveway Approach (Private Road)**  $200.00
Alteration to Existing Driveway**  $25.00
Private Road Approach (5 access points or more)  $200.00
Public Road Approach  $200.00
Farm Field Driveway Approach  $50.00
Temporary Construction Driveway Approach $150.00


Annual Public Utility $250.00
Overhead Utility Installation  $200.00
Underground Utility Installation  $200.00
Utility Service Connection  $125.00
Sanitary, Watermain or Storm Connection  $200.00
Broadband New per Project less than 250,000 population  $300.00
Wireless Facilities w/o poles  $200.00
Wireless Facilities with pole or structure  $300.00
Wireless Colocate Annual Rate on existing pole/per poles  $20.00
Wireless Colocate Annual Rate on existing pole/per poles  $20.00
Wireless Colocate Annual Rate per facility  $20.00
Wireless Colocate Annual Rate per facility  $20.00                                                                                                                                    Wireless Colocate Annual Rate per new pole or new structure $125.00                                                                                                    Wireless Colocate Annual Rate on Road Agency pole per pole $30.00

Road Bed and Roadsides  
Open Cut Gravel Road Crossings (+Restoration Cash Bond)*  $250.00
Ditch Enclosure/Grading/Drainage Qualified Contractor or Stamed Drawing  $100.00
Temporary Road Closures - other than open cuts  $50.00
Road Bore Crossings  $150.00 ea
Landscaping $50.00
Vegetation Removal/Trimming (trees,stumps,brush,limbs) $50.00
Soil Borings $75.00

Single Move Permit (including multiple trips) $50.00
Extended Transportation (Annual Move Permit) $100.00
Super Move - Building & Special Load Move  $100.00
Mobile Home Single Move $50.00
Seasaonal Move (agriculture, milk, public utility)  $100.00

Road Closure/Parade  $50.00
Banner/Decorations $40.00 
Monitoring Well  $40.00

Private Road Sign Package (Stop/Road Sign)  Actural Cost
Non-Compliance Fee/failure to obtain a permit    3 X Fee
Appeal Fee  $40.00
Petition with Signatures of all Owners of Record & Abbuttin Occupants.
Abandonment        Actual cost with a deposit of $4,000
Seismograph ** (must follow required check list) $25.00 per mile

When a combination of activities is included in one permit, the fee shall be based on the fee for the single highest fee for any one of the activities.
All work and activities in public right-of-way will require appropriate liability insurance with a statement that excludes the Isabella County Road Commissioner's employees and agents of the Isabella County Road Commission from any liability.

* Restoration Cash Bond = minimum of $1,000 Cash Bond per cut or a minimum $5,000 Performance Bond

** Commercial Driveways Require a Bond Determined by Engineer

Any & all of the above activities may need liability insurance, cash bond, and/or performance bond.

Amounts will be determined at the time of permit request by the Engineer.